LandVac: noise reduction project – Renovation of a Hotel in Shanghai

With 8 years of history, and 3,000+ hotels in over 1,000 cities, Hanting Hotel is characterized by being “affordable and good value for the money,” meeting the needs of ordinary people and becoming the ideal hotel for 1.4 billion Chinese people when they are travelling around.

However, a Hanting Hotel in Shanghai recently closed more than ten guest rooms for window and door renovation and upgrades during the peak demand periods, despite the potential loss of revenue. Why did they do this? The pay-off, definitely, is totally worth it. In this issue, LandVac will provide a new reference for getting rid of noise troubles through this renovation case.

The hotel is located next to a main road in Shanghai. Due to occasional guest complaints about significant night-time noise, the hotel searched for a solution to resolve the noise problem and create a better user experience for their customers. After multiple comparisons and in-depth communication, the hotel invited a LandVac technical team to carry out an upgrade and renovation of the whole window to resolve the noise problem.

After inspecting and analysing the site, LandVac technical team found that the hotel rooms were affected by wind noise, tire noise, and honking sounds, with the outdoor noise level reaching up to 72.5 decibels. The noise spectrum was mainly focused on mid and low frequencies. Meanwhile, the the sealing strips of the aluminium casement windows with insulated glass had a noticeable ageing problem, combined with the loosening of the opening window, leading to even worse overall sound insulation performance of the doors and windows, and unsatisfactory thermal insulation performance as well. In light of this, LandVac technical team carried out the following plan:

1. Choose the high-performance Hybrid VIG
The original windows with insulated glass had a significant resonance effect in the mid and low-frequency range, causing outdoor mid and low-frequency noise (humming sound) to easily enter the room. This type of glass is not suitable for windows next to main roads. Therefore, LandVac technical team chose the hybrid LandVac vacuum insulated glass to renovate the original windows. The excellent performance of perfect vacuum effectively compensates for the sound transmission shortcomings of insulated glass in the mid and low-frequency range. At the same time, the patented hybrid VIG technology of LandGlass can achieve excellent sound insulation effects across all frequency ranges.

Traffic noise spectrum chart around the hotel and sound insulation spectrum charts of Hybrid LandVac and ordinary insulated glass

2. Choose the energy saving windows with Superstructure technology
To solve the problem of ageing sealing strips and loosening of the opening window, LandVac technical team decided to use the whole energy saving windows with Superstructure technology, which further improves the air tightness and sound insulation effect of the window frame, while also fully realizing the thermal insulation performance of LandVac, offering more outstanding energy saving performance.

After the renovation, the sound insulation effect in the hotel rooms was significantly improved, successfully reducing the noise level to a comfortable range of 30-40 decibels during the day and below 30 decibels at night. After several days of continuous observation, the hotel was very satisfied with the soundproofing effect and also received unanimous positive reviews from guests and the hotel.

Comparison of indoor noise levels before and after window renovation

With the development of society, noise pollution has become one of the major environmental problems that disturb people’s physical and mental health. The implementation of the revised “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Pollution from Environmental Noise” published in 2022, put the night-time noise pollution under stricter control.

At present, LandVac products have been successfully applied in the environmental optimization of many well-known buildings and enterprises at home and abroad, meeting the noise reduction needs of different scenarios, and becoming a great choice for healthy work and quality life.

LandGlass invites you to experience the high performance of LandVac Vacuum insulated glass in thermal insulation and noise reduction in person. From May 6 to 9, 2023, LandGlass looks forward to seeing you at China Glass 2023 in Booth No.081, Hall N3, Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

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